Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Coming Back

Hey, gang,

I'm continuing to struggling with whatever the inner demons are that have decided to move in and set up housekeeping in my head. That said, I thought I'd try to make a few blog entries just the same, just to play catch up and to reassure friends and family that I'm alive. These aren't the same demons that apparently were recently living in Hunter Thompson's head, for instance.

So, starting on the weekend, I'll ease back into blogging. It may take me some time to gear back up to once a day--as some of you know, that's a real drain to hit that mark every 24 hours--but I'm going to try to at least be faithful to the readers who've been faithful to me.

That said, I owe a bunch of you emails. Glenn, Mitch, Luana, Debra, lots and lots of people. I promise, I'm digging my way back.

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