Friday, January 21, 2005


More old photos

I love digging through my old stuff, especially if I've forgotten most of it.

I think of it this way: it's like a stranger's garage sale with a lot of stuff I personally would think is very, very cool.

I love finding the old magazines and rediscovering the article I saved it for; the cereal box prizes that I was dying for when I was ten; the toys and the trinkets and the little souvenirs from Monkey Jungle or the Sunsinger in Allerton Park or Six Flags Over St. Louis or the Fun Fair in Fairview Park.

And there are always the photos. I can't even tell what's going on in some of them anymore. But some of them bring back some quick memories, like these two that I found in the bottom of my dresser drawers.

Remember the idea I had about documenting what you have? I guess I'm testing this idea here!

The first picture is my mom, dad, and sister, circa 1973 or so. I was nine years old, I believe. It's in the kitchen of the house at 1690 West Center Street, before we moved out to the country house where I would live until I moved out on my own. My mom wasn't quite yet 30; my dad was just a few years older. My sister was five or so. My dad, the hippy with the hair down his back, and my mom with the hairstyle popular on Mary Tyler Moore and, now, That '70s Show. I had my very own camera, a black-and-white Instamatic, and this is one of the few posed photos I took. I still have a few scattered others--one of my gerbil Twerpy, of a family Thanksgiving a year or two later, but this is the one that is of my family. Don't be fooled by Tammy's smile; she was forced to pose, I seem to recall.

The second photo is one of those "damn, I almost successfully forgot" photos, of a vacation with my Aunt Debbie, Uncle Bill, and Cousin Valerie in a motorhome cruising through the Ozarks of Missouri. I have no idea where the hell we really were; Yogi clearly doesn't either. Wherever it was, we hated it. Tammy and I were NOT motorhome types; we were more hotel campers. I'm pretty sure it was either summer 1977 or summer 1978, however. The "Darth Vader Lives" button on my shirt was a popular accessory around that time.

You'll note you can't see my face too well beneath the Chicago Cubs cap and the long hair. This is the wonder of selectively sharing your old photos--you can choose to hide the really shameful stuff as long as you like, or at least until you die and someone else finds it.

Or unless you put it in your scrapbook. I'll have to think carefully before I do that with *all* these old photos I found. Maybe I'll show you one to prove it.


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